Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wing tips were a problem

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 I have now uploaded my CX4 build photos for everyone to review and since I'm starting this blog after I have started, I will try to pick a couple of issues that gave me trouble. One of these was the wing tip structure. I had several issues that challenged my building abilities.

First was fitting the rear wing tip spar. I should point out that I bought Peter Beck's spars/center section and his bulkhead and rib kits. I personally thing Peter has a good product and if this is how you want to get a head start on your project, I would recommend his kits. As you can see in this photo, the rear spar had to be positioned in a different position than called for in the plans. No big deal really, just do it. I have found this similar issues throughout the build process. I guess it's just part of "scratch building" from plans. Dave Thatcher has been a great help with dealing with these types of things.

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