Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Post

Why blog? Well, I have been the editor of the Quickie Builders Association newsletter, Q-Talk, for nearly 5 years now and the newsletter seems to be as relevant today as a typewriter in the age of computers and the Internet. After 20 plus years and 5 editors, the Q-Talk newsletter will come to an end this December. I believe the Internet has replaced it. Yahoo Groups allows you to discuss any subject or ask any question to other like minded people and get a response almost instantly. The newsletter used to be the means by which this type of information got communicated. By the time I publish the newsletter now, a topic is old. The newsletter used to be the archive of all the information that was known about our little airplanes. It was always strongly suggested that you buy all the back copies to inform yourself about what had come & gone with this particular airplane design, before you started your project. Now you are asked to search the Yahoo Groups email archive to get yourself up to speed. Searching the Yahoo Groups archives is way easier than trying to remember what issue a brake mount modification was in.

Also, instead of writing an article about an issue you have overcome with your project and then sending it to the newsletter editor, guys started their own blogs to record their journey with their airplane. And this is the reason I started this blog. Not only for me to record my journey, but to document my build process for those future builders.

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  1. Good luck with the new project, Doug. When it's ready, we'll race? Sounds like fun to me!