Monday, September 7, 2009

Seat Pan Mistake & Correction

Another mistake I made that I would like to communicate had to do with the center section. The plans say to lay the center section spar on a flat level surface and attach the wings and create the rear center section spar. Then you are to attach the ribs C1 thru C8. Well, my garage floor in flat and level so I used it. However, what I did next sort of got me in trouble. I was having trouble working with a wrench when everything was laying flat on the floor, so I placed two 2x4's under the wings to raise everything up off the floor so the wrench would work better. When I went to install my ribs, I made them fit the top of the front & rear spars. Well, ribs C3 thru C6 were slightly taller in the rear than ribs C1 & C2 and C7 & C8. This made ribs C3 thru C6 protrude out the bottom by about 3/16". I didn't discover this until I flip the center section over to put on the bottom skin.
See next post for how I corrected for this mistake.

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