Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tool for bending forward upper longeron.

I need to take a couple of steps back to show you how I bent the upper longeron to match the angle of the rear stringer that runs from behind F6, all the way back to F12. You can't really bend the upper longeron until it is mounted in place because you don't know the angle to which to bend it. Here is the tool I made to bend mine.

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I used a scrap 2x4 and cut a slot at one end of it just wide and deep enough to fit the upper longeron into. My 2x4 just happened to be 27" long, but it gave me enough leverage to bend the forward longeron inward.
It is important to have bulkhead F10 in place and notched for the 3/4"x1/16" angles, making sure they are level with the top of the forward longeron. Then temporarily mount the 3/4"x1/16" stringer and bend the forward longeron inward until the angle matches the stringer. A second pair of hands is nice to hold the stringer while you bend the longeron, but not required.

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  1. Hey Doug dont you like those little surprises that cause you to really start think way ahead. Ray and I have a couple of them as well. Not a big deal it still looks good. Got a quick question. On your splice behind F6 from your 1 1/2" to the 3/4". The splice itself looks like you are showing it on the outside. Is this going to be moved to the inside prior to the skin attachment. Give me a shout when you can 301-785-9248. Thanks Rick #134