Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pulled rivets on fuselage side skins.

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Feels good to make progress that you can see. After taking the skins on and off umpteen times to shape, file, debur holes, install cables etc., I was able to pull some rivets on both forward side fuselage skins today. I'm happy with the results.

The plans call for you to put on the left side skin and then pull the fuselage off your jig and table to install the controls before the other side is attached. I had heard that some who had followed these steps found that the fuselage would twist because only one side skin was being install at a time. They would have to remember this and somehow take the twist out before riveting the second side skin in place which usually solved the problem. I decided to install the controls and then rivet both forward side skins on at the same time to avoid the twisting issue. I pulled a few rivets on one side and then went and pulled some on the other until I was done. I left off both the rear skins so I can finish installing the controls. I have some minor things to clean up, but I should be able to pull my fuselage from the table and jig next session.

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