Friday, September 28, 2012

Installation of my radio tray.

I finished the installation of my radio tray for my iCom A200 radio. The photos below show that I tried to make it as removable as possible from below because once the skin between F2 & F4 (the instrument panel) is riveted in place, the only access is from below or through the openings in the F2 bulkhead.
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I attached a 1.5" x.0625" angle, purchased from Lowe's, to each side of the tray because the tray itself could not be attached from below.  The tray mounting holes were on the sides. I removed some material from the angles to lighten it and to create clearance for other instruments. Then I used an aluminum channel, also purchased from Lowe's, as a rear tray support that spans width wise between the upper longerons. I used nut plates on both the tray angles and the channel so the screws could be removed from below. In the front, I stuck some window foam insulation to the tray's underside which allows it to rest on the angle I'm using at the bottom of the panel for my switches and breakers. This puts the tray at the approximate height behind the panel hole where the radio slips in from the front. I left the screws at the rear channel slightly loosened until the radio is in place and then I'll tighten the screws at the rear support.

This is how it looks from the front.
I'm currently working on the fuel tank cover and a hinged access door for the fuel filler. I'll have another update to document this progress soon (I hope).

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