Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Continued to construct fuel tank

The last couple of weekends has been spent on constructing my fuel tank.

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I spent some time locating where I wanted my fittings and what size I wanted. I am putting in an extra fitting in the top rear so I can plum in a auxilary fuel tank later. I figured now was the time to do this regardless if I ever do it. In the photo above, I found a way to center the hole in the tank side with the weld puck so I could drill the rivet holes.

I am going with a 3/8" fuel line because it will be plenty big enough and requires fewer fittings. I bought this shut off valve from Great Plains A/C Supply. It fits into the finger strainer which fits into the weld puck.

I carefully bent one flange at a time and then test fit before bending the next flange. I could only use my 18" mental brake on the 1st end flange. From that point on I had to clamp the piece to my work bench using a 2x4 cut to size and hammer the peice to form the flange .

Here is where I'm at today. There are some gaps, but experienced builders tell me that the Pro-Seal will fix all this. I'll let you know...

I will begin to form the lid this coming weekend.

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